During the course of the family research we have obtained copies of certificates that are not connected to our family. If you would like a scanned copy of any of the certificates listed below, just email us.
List of Birth Certificates
Year District Reference Name Father Mother
1849/Q3  Hailsham  VII 384 Harriet Hayward Burchett    Alice Burchett 
1856/Q2  Marylebone  1a 462  Thomas Croker  George Croker  Susan Croker formerly Taylor 
1858/Q4  Newington  1d 238 Thomas Croker  Richard Edwin Croker  Mary Ann Croker formerly Whillin 
1899/Q3  St Olave Southwark  1d 278 Albert Percy Croker  George Frederick Croker  Rose Emily Croker formerly Jeffs 

List of Death Certificates
Year District Reference Name Age
1917/Q1  Woolwich  1d 1701  William Morgan  77 
1961/Q1  Lambeth    Alice Croker  80 

List of Marriage Certificates
Year District Reference Groom's Name Bride's Name
1856/Q1  Bristol St Paul  6a 55 Charles Read  Elizabeth Tovey Stokes 
1877/Q4  Camberwell  1d 1122 Thomas Croker  Charlotte Hannah Ambler